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Aromatherapy - Do you use Aromatherapy during your Session?

No, I have Glade Plug Ins that do spray, and I will use Febreze Air Fresher at times, but I don't use Scented Candles or Scented Lotions as what might be nice for one person, might cause breathing issues or allergic reaction for the next client.

Arrival Time - What time should I arrive for my appointment?

I try to keep to my schedule to the best of my ability.  There are times that you can arrive a little early, but if you arrive and the Do Not Disturb Sign is up, please don't knock, more then likely I'm still finishing up with the prior client.  I will usually send a message to my clients if I'm available early so in case they are running early they know they can come to the room.

Cancellation - What is the Cancellation Policy?

I had to start a Cancellation Policy as I have No Call No Shows or last minute Cancellations, this is my Livelihood, and my Career.  No Call No Shows have a Zero Tolerance, if you have a No Call No Show, you can go to the Cancellations and Pay a $75 Fee if you wish to ever schedule again in the future.  I do understand that emergency happen, and I don't want to scare people off because of the Cancellation Policy, I can be Flexible, but there are people that have patterns.  If canceled less then 1 Hour before the Session it will be a $50 Cancellation Fee and if within 3 hours will be $25 Cancellation Fee.  It is hard to refill spots last minute, and I usually have people scheduled around you so I can not always refill a spot last minute, so I end up loosing money, which if I don't make the money I need to while traveling to your city then I may not be back, which will effect other clients that need my services in your area as well.

Contact List - Do you let Clients know when your returning to their city?

Yes, I do have a Client Contact List for each City that I go to, if you would like to be added Click Here, I will notify my clients that I will be returning to their City a few days before so they can start scheduling before I arrive and before New Clients get the chance to take a spot that they may desire.

Licensed - Are you licensed?

Yes, I'm licensed in the State of Arizona and complete my 24 hours of Continuing Education every 2 years that is required by the state to keep my License Active.  You can see more information regarding License and Education here.

Lotion - Do you use Lotions or Oils?

I use Soothing Touch Lotion, it is Professional Massage Lotion, you can see additional information about it here.  If you prefer a special Lotion or Oil you can bring it along for me to use for your session.

Massage Session - How long is the Massage Session?

Typically, an Hour Massage is 50 Minutes, 90 Minute Massage is 75 Minutes, this is to allow for you to get redressed and to prepare the room for the next client.  Yes at times I do schedule back to back.

Multiple Bookings - Can I schedule Multiple Times with you?

Yes, but when you book 2 or more spots while in your city, they must all be prepaid.

Out Calls - Do you do Out Callas?

Yes, I do Out Calls, but based on availability, would need time on both ends of the Massage to Drive to and from your location, which means if I already have someone booked to close to when you want your Out Call, it may not be possible.  Also the Out Call is based on Distance of Travel, which is $25 every 10 miles driven, I do verify the distance on Mapquest before booking the appointment.  Out Calls need to be prepaid as well, as I have had people try to renegotiate the price, or give bogus address or room numbers to play games with me and my time, which then I loose other appointments.  If the payment is not received within 30 minutes of scheduling, I will figure you changed your mind and will not be coming out.  I will bring my table with me if there is enough room to set it up, which I will always as, if not we can work on your bed.  Either way, I will bring my Lotion and Music. Click here for more information on Rates.

Pain - Will the Massage hurt and be painful?

Honestly it can, depends on what is going on with your body.  I do use Trigger Point, Compression and Deep Tissue when working.  There can be discomfort and pain, but the pain will subside shortly and take the issues that you had with it in most cases.  Shoulders and Lower Back Issues is usually where most the pain will be felt.  Just know that as a Trained Massage Therapist, I do know what I'm doing and will not hut you intentionally.  After a good Deep Tissue Massage I always recommend to drink about a Gallon of water to flush your system out.  At times you will experience pain the day following, but the day after that everything should melt away.

Prepay - Do I have to prepay before the Massage?

Not always, but it is an option that you have.  If you want an Out Call, Extended Session of 2+ Hours or a Session after 9pm then yes Prepay is Mandatory, I have had to many people play games with Out Calls where I show up at a Hotel an the room is Vacant or Did not realize there was an up charge for Out Calls, with longer sessions I have had people book them, and not show up, or arrive and decide that they just wanted an Hour after booking 3 hours, and after 9pm I prefer them to be paid one because of the up charge but also, that is the time that I have most the No Shows, and after Midnight I will wake backup to take care of Clients, but need to be assured they will show up, if they don't there are no refunds.

Pricing - Why does your rate go up as the day goes on?

I do try to keep my rates reasonable, but I get up every morning about 7am to get ready for my day, and start working at 9am, most days I don't get a chance to get lunch as I work straight through with clients.  From 6pm to 9pm is when I would usually eat Dinner, but I will put that off for Clients but there is an up charge, then from 9pm to Midnight, I'm usually doing Laundry so I can have Clean Sheets for the next day, which I can do later so I can see Clients again, but again there is an up charge, then after Midnight of course I'm usually asleep or getting ready to get to bed, as again I wake up early, but I will work late again for an up charge.  I am willing to work but I'm not a Machine and I also need to have a life.

Question - Have a question that is not here, go ahead and fill out the form and I will get back to you, and possibly create a Q&A item based off your question.

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Running Late - What if I'm running late?

I do understand traffic and offices, I used to work in Corporate America doing Accounting and I live in a Mega-metropolis as well so understand traffic.  Please keep me updated if running late, very important, as if you are more then 15 minutes late with out contacting me, I will consider it a No Show.  If I can I do try to schedule 15 to 30 minutes between appointments if possible, just depends on the day and scheduling.  If I have someone scheduled after you, I will still work on you, we will just have to finish by your scheduled Session End Time.  If your not here within 5 minutes of your scheduled start time I will contact you to see if your on your way to confirm.

Session - Can you tell me how the session will go?

Honestly everyones body is different, and no 2 Massage Sessions are Identical, yes I will work the entire body, but at times you will need more work in a spot then someone else does, and different people need different pressure.  So I always say the Session is Tailored to Your Bodies Needs.

Shower - Can I shower Before or After the Massage?

Yes, but please let me know if you want to shower after the Massage Session as I need to plan to leave time for this after your Session to assure that you don't run into my next Clients Time.

Specialization - What do you specialize in?

I specialize in Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage, focused on Neck, Shoulders, Lower Back and Sciatic Issues, this is where I have focused most of my Continuing Education, and what I enjoy working on, you can see more information here.

Stretching - Do you do Stretching?

Yes, I do stretch the Legs after I work on the Lower Back and Trigger the Gluts, to do the final release of the Lower Back Area.

Traveling - When traveling where are you setup?

When traveling I do drive everywhere and bring my Table and Sheets with me.  I will be staying in a Local Hotel and will set my table up in the room, at times I do fly in which case I will get a room with 2 beds one to work on and one to sleep on, but this is a very rare occasion.