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Very professional and best massage, soon it is going to be my 3rd Time. Can not wait for my next session, fitness instructor here he will  simply focus on your concern. He knows how to relieve the stiffness and  tension, awesome massage session with Charles, highly recommended. Great to see a good Massage Therapist and travels to Tucson.

Dean A


I had seen that Charles was going to be in San Antonio and based on all of the positive reviews, I contacted him and made arrangements for a  massage. We talked about my problem areas and where I was experiencing some pain and soreness in my neck and shoulders. What I didn't realize was just how many problems I was having with my lower back until Charles started working out those knots with a combination of deep tissue massage and stretching. By the time he finished working on my back, I felt like a new person. Charles was very easy to talk to and kindly listened as I listed off my recent stressors. I would highly recommend setting up a massage with him now while he's in Texas.

Troy T


It's been about a year since my last massage. I emailed Charles once I found out that he was coming to Texas. I was pretty sore all over. He is a GREAT masseur. I was feeling so much better when I left. His rates are very reasonable. I would recommend him to everyone. I'll be making an appointment the next time he comes to Texas.

Donald B


Saw his website and looked good. Very easy to schedule, right on time, and very friendly. Makes you feel right at home.  My back was really tight and aching as well as my calves.  He took care of those with nice firm pressure.  A good experienced masseur, very professional, and very reasonable rates.  Highly recommend his services.  He travels a lot but if he's in your  neighborhood, run, don't walk and make an appointment.  You won't regret it.  I plan on seeing him again soon as possible.

Thomas K


I booked a massage with Charles out of a referral from a friend after seeing his website online.  It was a really great environment and I  really appreciate Charles getting me in for the day - the massage was great!  If you are looking for deep tissue I am certain that Charles is  the guy, but he also will listen to you and lighten up if you ask...  that's always a great quality in a good therapist.

Ron M


Charles is very Thorough and gives an amazing Massage! He worked out some kinks and tight muscles I didn't realize needed work! Great Job Charles!!

Anthony MF


It's been about a year since my last massage. I emailed Charles once I  found out that he was coming to Texas. I was pretty sore all over. He is a GREAT masseur. I was feeling so much better when I left. His rates are very reasonable. I would recommend him to everyone. I'll be making  an appointment the next time he comes to Texas.

Donald B


I hadn't had a massage in quite sometime and my sciatic was really  bother me.  I called Charles and he was able to get me in on a short  notice.  WOW Is all I can say  He is AMAZING I left with very little pain and within a couple days I was feeling great again!!!!  His rates  are the best,  I can't wait to go back!!!  I know I would recommend  Charles to anyone who ask.

David M


I was having leg pain for about a month. I've always had neck and  shoulder pain due to my job. I made an appointment with Charles as he  specializes in sciatica, neck, and shoulders. Well two days later, my  leg is virtually pain free.  Neck is still a little sore, but I can tell it's getting better. He has got great hands and knows what he's doing. I highly recommend Charles! Oh, and he's got the best rates!

Terrance B


It was amazing. my back and neck were tight. The massage was great He took the time and did it right. I'm so tired now can't wait to go to bed. You can tell his customers needs are important to him. Extra time spent on my legs that where killing me.



Oooo we, just got back from my massage and feel great. Now I want to go dancing.



This was my 3rd massage session with Charles  and he never fails to amaze me. I walked in with neck and shoulder pain  and Charles went right to work on it and when I left I was pain free!
He has a great touch and personality to match.
I really like him and I'm sure you will too.
Thanks Charles,
See you on your next visit!



I have been meaning to write a review for  over a month. The last time Charles was in Houston, I arranged an  appointment for a massage. He was very skillful in working the kinks out of my neck and shoulders. Besides his effective professional skill,  Charles has a fine table-side manner, talking when I wanted to, staying  quite as I floated along. He also applied some stretching so that when I left, I was aligned. Thank you, Charles. I hope you make it to Houston  again soon.



The 1st visit was Awesome to the 3rd power. This one was to th tenth power



I found him on MasseurFinder and then went to his website. He was able to  accommodate my late schedule after I got off of work. The location was  perfect since it was on my way back home.

I requested the 3 hour extended therapy deep tissue. He got into areas I really did not know  that I had knots in. I'm a little sore now, but today felt great!



Charles by far is is the best of any massage I have gotten.  He makes  you feel welcome and his friendly disposition makes you fell relaxed. I went because my sciatic was killing me and the pain in my mid back  would not go away.  With his magic hands he helped me tremendously.  I  cannot say enough about Charles and his massage technique.  He helped me so much to be pain free.  There is no doubt I will go back to him.  You have to try it to believe it and he will make a believer out of you  after he finishes working on you.  Thank you very much Charles.  You are amazing!!!



This is no gayrub code for something else. This is an  honest-to-goodness, first-class therapeutic massage by a shaman. Charles is gifted indeed. Worked me over like no one else. He should be  teaching massage.



Testimonial I have severe arthritis and disc disease in my neck and  upper back.  Charles has left me feeling more relaxed with more mobility than I can remember having in a LONG time!

Harold S.


This was my second session with Charles and once again it was like visiting a friend who happened to be a masseur.
Charles has a natural and intuitive way of welcoming and relaxing you from the  moment you enter til the moment you leave. I highly recommend him for a  therapeutic and relaxing session when he visits your town.



Again, Charles was great! A much needed massage, Charles's touch was electric! Charles is definitely worth his weight in gold, or seventy five dollars.



Charles is amazing! He was my first massage. He gave my back and spine  extra attention. I was really appreciative, and would say to a massage  noobie, the hour that you spend would be amazing, and well worth the  price.



Charles asked when I arrived if any areas of my body needed attention and I said no … no pain or tightness … I just wanted a tune up.  Once I was on the table he found several tight muscles in my neck and shoulders and masterfully released the tension.  I love the time I spent on his table and look forward to my next visit.  I am one satisfied customer.



He met at door and professional image. The massage was more than expected  and kudos to Charles. Look forward to next visit. 5 stars does not  provide enough accolade to the service



My actual massage was several months ago. Charles was my first massage ever, and from beginning to end - PURE MAGIC! Charles did everything possible to ensure a great massage and comfortable surroundings. Charles is returning to Tucson in October, and a reminder has been placed on my calendar! Now, just wondering if I should book 2 hours!



The session with Charles was great. We exchanged emails a few weeks ago for informational purposes, and last week I scheduled a two-hour session. The room was nice and cool, the location was central, and his hands were magic. I like deep tissue, and his strong hands, elbows and thumbs delivered. We made small talk at times, then we were completely silent. His focus on me was complete -- probably more than any massage therapist I've seen. And it's an awesome two-sided massage - he paid as much attention to my front as he did my back (my trouble spot). I highly recommend him.



Charles went out of his way to make me feel comfortable and relaxed!  The session couldn't have gone better, from beginning to end - it was GREAT!  I just realized Charles will be back in Tucson in October and I will be scheduling another appointment.  Treat yourself and book a massage with Charles.



I really appreciate your massage, although the work you did on my should was painful, it made a big difference.  Thanks again and hope to catch you on your next visit.



This was a great experience for me. I was experiencing some muscle tension and soreness, therefore, I was in need of someone who could work on particular areas. I found the guy. Charles was very intuitive and professional. He explained why certain muscles did certain things and worked with me to maximize the benefits of the massage. Start to finish. Charles is someone I will most definitely see again should he be in my area or if he is in an area that I'm visiting.



Charles, you are AMAZING! Thanks so much for the best hour money could buy! Will call you again when you are in town again.



From start to completion very comfortable with Charles. He is a handsome fellow with whom you feel at ease immediately. His hands are magical; his personality  equally magical. I look forward to the next time and hope to make it a  longer experience.



What can I say. It was fantastic!!!! Charles provided the best massage I've ever had.
He is very accommodating and pleasant to be around. No attitude with him at all. Thanks Charles it was GREAT!



I had a great massage experience with Charles. He gives a super massage. He is a great guy and makes the entire experience very comfortable and  enjoyable. I felt like I was spending time with an old friend. Nothing  was ever rushed and he knew exactly how to take care of making me feel  better in every way. I really enjoyed my session with Charles and look  forward to booking my next session with him on one of his return visits  to LA.



You do an awesome massage. Been to quite a few Therapists and you are fantastic!



Charles gave me a very warm welcome. After asking me about my body and  what I wanted, he began. His hands were healing, firm and slow. I could feel his intention as his hands moved on my body. He was focused on me and not somewhere else. When I asked him to give particular attention  to a specific area of my body, he did so. He spent time there and I  felt the tightness and tension leave. I felt cared for and nourished. I would definitely go to him again.



This was my first massage with Charles and it was excellent! I saw he  was traveling through a city nearby an making an appointment was easy.  Comfortable table, clean sheets, professional massage oil, soothing  music and an experienced masseur. Experience makes all the difference.  Perfect pressure, smooth transitions and soothing rhythm. By the end of  my hour Charles had given a perfect massage which left me relaxed and  tension free -- about as good as it gets. Can't wait until my next  appointment.



Thanks again Charles for yesterday afternoon's awesome massage.   Thoroughly enjoyed it and your company.  Wish you were here more on a  permanent basis as I'd be one ongoing  satisfied customer of  yours! Please stay in touch with me when in the Southern California area as would love to visit with you when available.  You also mentioned  that you may be in Long Beach late next week so maybe I could come up  for a visit then too.  So let me know and thanks again for the great  massage.



Charles I wanted to say thank-you so much Friday, you made me feel  really good. I haven't felt that good since I lost my Partner of 26.5  years about 10 years ago. Thanks Again



Charles is amazing. I know that sounds a bit superlative but it fits. i  had requested myofacial release because I had read that it might help my neck which has had limited mobility and been very painful for many  years with no one able to help. It was a bit painful but necessary and  Charles has techniques to help you with the pain. He started on my neck  first then worked the rest of my by backside all the way to my toes.  That was heaven! When he had me roll over I was amazed to find that I  could lie with my head flat on his table. I haven't been able to do that for probably 10 years. he then worked on my neck from the front side  and when he finished with that he went to work from head to toe. I had asked for technical massage and I got that and +++++. I should mention that i am an older  guy and because of that worry what a masseur might think. I felt  totally comfortable with Charles and i felt that he really enjoyed  working on me. I can't wait for him to return to Las Vegas. I will  definitely be giving him a call. If you NEED a legit massage but WANT  the full body worked out with all the technical expertise that goes along with it - Charles is your man and his rates will amaze you.